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Polar Box 13QTS Retro Cooler

Choose a Color
Cyan/Pink Strap
Baby Blue/Pink Strap
Cyan/Yellow Strap
Nude/Brown Strap
Yellow/Brown Strap
Cyan/Brown Strap
Yellow/Cyan Strap
Nude/Cyan Strap
Lilac/Yellow Strap
Sky Blue/Lilac Strap
Sky Blue/Pink Strap
Baby Blue/Baby Rose
Cyan/Baby Rose
Yellow Rainbow/Cyan
Lilac Rainbow/Yellow

This pack includes a Polarbox 13 qts classic model cooler and one of their four available PrinkStyle fabric straps. The Polarbox Classic model comes in a wide variation of color combinations and includes a natural leather strap. Rock your style!

Capacity 15 cans
Strap 100% cotton
Hand wash