Cablz Zipz Glasses Retainer Strap

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  • ZIPZ ADJUSTABLE EYEWEAR RETAINER - The product that started it all, just got better! Why wear other eyewear retainers that hang on your neck, soak up sweat, get dirty, stinky and fray? Cablz are unique in the way that they do not lie on your neck, distract you or irritate your skin, and now they are ADJUSTABLE!
  • ZIPZ - The Zipz product works perfectly for your convenience. Riding your motorcycle and tired of your strap flapping in the wind? Zip up Cablz Zipz and it fits perfectly under your helmet, hat or hoodie for a secure and comfortable use.
  • OFF THE NECK DESIGN -  Zipz products are designed to keep your neck and head free of a strap when fully extended. You can turn your head and never feel the Zipz touch your neck.
  • EASILY ATTACHES TO ANY FRAME - The durable cable fits all standard frames with comfort for all head shapes and sizes.