Polar Box 21 QTS Retro Cooler

Choose a Color
Yellow/Brown Strap
Cyan/Brown Strap
Cyan/Yellow Strap
Yellow/Cyan Strap
Nude/Brown Strap
Nude/Cyan Strap
Lilac/Yellow Strap
Baby Blue/Pink Strap
Cyan/Baby Rose Strap
Sky Blue/Pink Strap
Cyan/Pink Strap
Lilac Rainbow/Yellow
Baby Blue/Baby Rose
Yellow Rainbow/Cyan
Olive Gold/Brown Strap
Coral Gold/Brown Strap
Ocean Blue/Brown Strap
Orange Hot Vibes/Brown Strap
Polarbox the Retro- Vintage style portable cooler that you need. These coolers are extremely functional providing maximum temperature insulation with expanded polystyrene (AIRPOP) and with an external and interior overlay Polypropylene. Available in different colors, complemented by an elegant, high-quality leather strap that adjusts in 3 different positions. Keep your drinks and meals cold without giving up on style with Polarbox portable coolers.
  • Retro vintage design rigid cooler of 21 qt. (5.28 Gal.) capacity
  • Available in multiple color combinations
  • 24-hour isothermal capacity
  • Resistant and adjustable shoulder strap made of high-quality leather