Fow Wow Go With The Flow Tee

Alabama High Quality H2O Facts from

  • Alabama has more than 132K miles of river and stream channels.

  • 33.5 trillion of gallons of water are withdrawn annually from streams, rivers and reservoirs to supply drinking water to 56% of population in Alabama.

  • Alabama has 303 freshwater species of fish, 20 of which are endemic to AL.

  • Our rivers are the most biologically diverse waterways in the world. 38% of N. America’s fish species, 43% of it’s freshwater gill-breathig snails, 51% of its freshwater turtle species and 60% of its freshwater mussel species are native to AL Rivers.

  • There are more species of fish in the Cahaba River alone than in the entire state of California… Boo-y’all!

To celebrate Alabama the beautiful turning 200 this year, we are celebrating with special edition Fow Wow shirts and introducing a new Alabama-themed shirt every month. Go With the Flow is the 10th in this series. 

Bella + Canvas Tee. 52% Cotton. 48% Polyester.